Universales/ queen of the universe by Elios Schastél

performance of Universales (Greek)/ queen of the universe

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about the cosmic kind of being

Universales is the queen of the universe who has the name Mondiales/ queen of the world on earth. Her human representative on earth has to go on two paths of inner matrity. On the one side it is the inner maturation of the destroyed paradise that matures until it becomes the rising morning star and on the other side it is the inner maturation process in the cosmos. After she had been sent from another galaxy to the earth at her birth as the queen of the universe she has to gain the experience of a hard and painfull life that lets her go on the steps of consciousness in the cosmos. Being the rising morning star on earth and also in the cosmos she finally finds the place where she came from and she is recognized as the queen of the universe among the humen.

story about the movie

An inner maturation process of the rising morning star that developd from the paradise goes together with the inner maturation process of the rising morning star in the cosmos. It is a path that is full of obstacles and failures. Being surrounded by the hell she has to go on a way that will finally lead her to spiritualization until she continues going on her path beyond the clouds in the cosmos. Continuously being thrown back again on her way she has difficulties with receiving confirmations and recognition from her outside world. Speaking about these challenges and sufferance in her physical performances she characterizes a cosmic kind of being that has an aristocratic character (characterization of specific levels of consciousness by physical performances) and the Aryan race (symbol of the hawk in Chinese astrology). Furthermore the German and the Egyptian deity are inside of her (esoteric meanings of physical movements in a performance). The rising morning star and more cosmic kinds of beings are recognizable in her performance. Character attributes like for example forgiving, strength and also the conditionless gifts (esoteric meanings of physical movements in a performance) as well as failures and hurts (acting expressions) are more elements of her performance. A carrier of the light of the sun where the paradise is hidden studies in the cosmos until she approaches the end of her human life. The queen of the universe goes back to the roomlessness of solution and spiritualization. She dies.

development process

On the basis of the development of the film series that is about the topic performances of cosmic kinds of beings there occured the idea to characterize Universales/ the queen of the universe in a performance. The music for the funeral of queen Mary and the esoteric meanings of the Ben Nevis’ and Fort William in Scottland were collected for the plot and the natures of the characterization. There had also been the performance of the Egyptian deity and the pain in the roomlessness of solution and spiritualization at the end of the film made before. They were taken from a movie that had been made some months ago in Switzerland. The sequence is an insight into a movie that shall be a continuation of the story of Universales. Several rehearsals were made within physical performances of this cosmic kind of being in before. The focus was on imaginative pictures in the cosmos and concentration that resulted in a practice of Tai chi. Due to the speed of the Tai chi movements there were included some dance elements that were reduced on acting performances in the movie. Within a direction equipment and a costume that should convey the education, archaristocracy and the character of a global government head I searched the nature atmospheres at the Ben Nevis that suited to the contents of the movie and the character of the kind of being. The performances were made close to the peak. Considering the world direction (e. g. direction of the inner architectures of Christian churches) the sequences were finally edited to a story that should characterize Universales.

on the traces of the global government head Daniel & his destruction/ the Star of David of the rising morning star in Scotland (Fort William & Ben Nevis)

The archangel Daniel who makes his inner maturation process as the rising morning has his star for example in Fort William in Scotland.

saint Andrew's Scottish episocal church from Elisabeth Schastél on Vimeo.

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