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Don’t you know if you are a soprano, an alto, a baritone or a basso? Do you always experience wrong treatments due to your voice or your voice type? Do you want to want to educate your own voice? Don’t you want to pay money for singing classes for months and years without getting opportunities? Do you need a letter of commendation for your apprenticeship or your study? Do you believe that you have been classified to a wrong voice type and you do not know how to change the voice type? Do you need a voice type classification and voice type advice? A voice type classification and a voice type advice informs you about your voice type and your training methods. Furthermore you receive a letter of commendation for your voice type. Afterwards you can educate your voice autodidactically without a voice manipulation. You can produce a letter of commendation of your voice type. You do not need to pay expenses for years for an education without getting professional opportunities.

intelligence quotient test

Do you want to get to know your intelligence quotient? Do you want a written confirmation of your intelligence quotient?

number of appointments:                                         1
languages:                                                                    German
areas of knowledge:                                                   semiotics, astrophysics
letter of recommendation:                                        yes
price:                                                                              70 €

voice type classification and voice type advice

number of appointments:                                          1
languages:                                                                     German, English
classification and advice for every voice type:     yes, 9 voice types
letter of commendation:                                            yes
price:                                                                              120 €
areas of knowledge:                                                    semiotics, metaphysics,                                                                                          astrophysics

uncurable illnesses without diagnosis

Do you have an illness without receiving a diagnosis (pest, soul)? Do you have sufferings that no doctor can help you with? Do you have symptoms of depth psychology?

areas of knowledge:             astrophysics, theory of science,
                                                  semiotics, metaphysics
price:                                       100 € in case of a successful treatment
languages:                              German

voice type classification
voice type consultation
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iq test
depth psychology


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