soul trip (feature film and opera)

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soul trip

production: Elios Schastél film productions, Astral tai chi©
directing, choreography, libretto, main performer: Elios Schastél
dancer: look at the final credits
language: German
subtitles: English
format: NTSC
running time: 60 minutes
production time: 2010 – 2019
productions countries: Germany; Italy, Switzerland
studio: Berlin
ISBN: 978-3-9820950-5-9 article number: B07SBCKW24 article number in German language: B07SBCKW24
price: 20,00 €
public trade: publisher, publishers‘ website, vlb, KNV Ltd,
date of release: Mai 2019
category: opera
keywords: opera, ballet, performing art, art


He lost his life in war. After his death he started a soul trip. On this journey he made the acquaintance with her. A love develops and they marry starting to go on the path through the infinity together. After one thousand years they re-encounter on the earth as humen.


act 1

scene 1 – redemption of the sorrow of the past and death on the earth

He climbed a mountain. He sensed that he had reached the last seconds of his life. The sorrows of his past made him reach the peak. His inner pain became always weaker. He started to see a light point in far distance. Close to the light point there were geometries of the universe. Shapes and schemes passed him while he approached the increasing light point. His soul slowly left his body. The pain vanished. He was released from the sorrow of his past. He had hope that he would have a better life in heaven. There remained a body without his carrier at the summit of the mountain. He had died.

scene 2 – at the end of the world and the beginning of the soul trip

The soul trip started at the summit of the mountain of the deceased. There was the end of the world. Tombs surrounded him. They indicated the victims of the crimes of humanity. The was war in the world. These were the days of wrath on the earth. On one of the tombs there was written his name: Here rests in peace one of those who had the inner maturation process. He continued living in heaven. The light extinguished. He looked into the darkness of the universe. Only tombs were still visible.

scene 3 – from the gate of heaven to the sun

A golden gate appeared in front of his eyes. The heaven of the souls of deceased waited for him behind it. In the spiritual world they only recognized his soul. He spoke in direction to the golden gate: „I have made accomplishments and I have received setbacks in my dignity. A had lived a lifetime until the inner maturity had been reached. I leave this life at the Pluto in my vertex. I travel back to the origin of my soul.“ He had passed his exam. He was taken among them. Being arrived at the universe he approached the sun. Penetrating it he recognized his own self. He presided over the sun of this sun system.

scene 4 – travelling through cloud worlds

He started to fly through cloud worlds. He was taken with an unidentified flying object. It showed him the variety and the beauty of the worlds in the universe. Being arrived at one of the cloud worlds they built castles and they created civilizations. Then they watched their work from far distance. Further worlds should still be investigated. Further castles should still be built. They proclaimed: „In heaven they built castles.“ He took one of the castles. He became the king of one of the most beautiful cloud covers. They made projects and plans for new castles. Then they continued flying.

act 2

scene 5 – an alien from a different galaxy

Flying through the universe he met an alien from a different galaxy. She appeared like an imagination from heaven. She arrived with an unidentified flying object. It set down on a cloud among green stars. There she got off. Speaking with him with her physique and her eyes they encountered for the first time. They spoke about the life. They spoke about the universe. They spoke about their home. They looked into each others eyes for a long time. Their souls recognized each other. Then they fell in love. She continued speaking for a long time.

scene 6 – a homage to her personality

She appeared like a strange blossom from a different galaxy. Jumping out of elliptical rooms she was free, wild, holy and white. She jumped through the worlds of the universe as if there were no limits. She was an artist who creates his own universe. She imagined the zodiac and she created new worlds. Every being appeared like in a fairy tale in her world. She was a fairy tale from different dimensions.

scene 7 – her castle in heaven

Living in a castle she had imagined him. She had waited for him. When she saw him she had immediately recognized him. Their long conversations developed a love between them.

scene 8 – at the tree of Eden

At the tree of Eden he confessed his love in front of her. „You shall be decorated with blossoms. I make you flower seas as a gift. Your presence is a dream of luck. A lotus flower has beauty. The blossom comes from you. Be with me.“

scene 9 – increasing love in the heart

The sensation of love for her increased in his heart. Deep feelings of warmth spreaded inside of him. He realized hot pain moving from his heart down to his belly. The pain became deeper. It became hotter. He wanted to be with her. Always only with her …

scene 10 – phantasies of love

In their imaginations they realized phantasies of love. A phoenix and a sun became a royal couple. In his heart he was with her. In his star she sensed longing for him. The angels on the cloud covers watched them. They accompanied the royal couple. He spoke: „In the upturned triangle behind my heart I accompany you. You are for ever mine.“ She answered: “ In the star behind my heart I stay with you. I am for ever yours.“ He spoke: „We are connected with each other by the sun in the heart.“ She answered: „On a cloud cover I want to stay with you.“ He said: „We will always meet us again along the eternity. Our imaginations are timeless.“ She answered: „I will carry you inside of me for ever.“ – for ever – He spoke: „I give you a sword as a symbol of your beaming self.
You will always carry me inside of you with it. She answered: „The sun inside of me shall tremble and beam by the might of the sword. – for ever“

scene 11 – wedding ceremony

A royal couple took place on a cloud cover. It ruled over the planets from now on. It controlled the maxims of their movements. It created new stars and suns until the time of the universe would be up. One moment they created a sun that became a new zodiac. A star approached the zodiac of the sun. Approaching each other there developed an explosion. A new starburst with millions of stars developed from the explosion. This love between the royal couple led to a wedding. The luck of the rainbow was a part of the game that the royal couple played in the universe. He spoke the promise of the wedding ceremony: „I give you my heart and my good consciousness. I take you into my imaginations of heaven until the death will seperate us.“ She spoke the promise of the wedding ceremony: „I also give you my heart and my good consciousness. I take you into my imaginations of heaven until the death will seperate us.“

scene 12 – marriage

They climbed the staircases. There they found a golden ring where they united. The way to unity, peace and love was only given to them in heaven. There where the flowers bloomed and the light of the sun shined eternally they lived in peace after the death. They said to each other: „We unite. We will find the love that makes us become the beam.“

scene 13 – wedding night and the dance in front of the kings

At the wedding night they prepared a festive table. Nine kings took place. He was among them. She started to make a dance in front of the table. Her dance ended when the sun announced in the sky of the early morning. She spoke with her dance: „I have a sun inside of me that reaches the sky. I make accomplishments with the power of the inner maturation process. A stick that is entwined by a snail is a part of this story. It exemplifies a royal gender.“

scene 14 – honeymoon in the rose wood

After the wedding night they spent the honeymoon in a rose wood. They danced together for nights among red blossoms. He said to her: „Our togetherness shall be remembered eternally.“ She said to him: „The blossoms of our hearts shall be engraved in the story about the infinity.“ They continued dancing until their lifes ended. He said to her: „I imagine you by my side in the firmament. I want to hold you while you reveal the image of female beauty for me.“ She said to him: „You shall hold my heart while we live on clouds. Your strength shall carry me like only the strength of a king can do.“ You could see two angels flying through the firmament. They became famous as the royal couple from the rose wood.

act 3

scene 15 – nights close to the moon

Since that time they met each other close to the moon every night. They said words of love to each other. They hold each others‘ hand. They looked into each others‘ eyes. The moon light shined white light into their faces. She danced for nights. He watched her. Eternal love expected them. The moon watched them. The night protected them. She looked into his eyes. He hold her hand. Then they travelled to another moon.

scene 16 – many moons on the eternal path

They still visited many moons. They travelled to the eternity. There was no end. Their way was still far. Their love continued. Flying they passed planets. They travelled through galaxies. They visited starbursts.

scene 17 – journey through the infinity

A rose and a sun loved each other. It was a trip through the infinity … – a soul trip – After one thousand years the soul was flown back to the earth. There they met again as humen.

scene 18 – renewed encounter on the earth