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The articles in this menu issue do not contain autobiographical data.

topics: society, social issues

menu issue overview

1. free German territory without a legal basis
2. voluntary refugees
3. youth welfare offices – part 1
4. youth welfare offices – part 2
5. protest performances at concentration camps (Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, Dachau)
6. „professions“
7. doctors in Berlin
8. scandals in Germany
9. discrimination of above beings
10. text comprehension and reading comprehension – what ist an article?
11. text comprehension and reading comprehension – how to read an article in the right way?
12. text reading comprehension – viewpoints and rights of stands

free German territory without a legal basis (1)

development of the article

The following article has developed on the basis of witness reports and descriptions of happenings citywide and nationwide. For the majority of the citizens the situation is fatal and untenable. Yet the courts, public offices and authorities keep it unofficial on purpose.

a town without the basis of laws and rights

No court in Berlin and less than three percents of the nationwide courts respect the following laws and rights. The general situation can less be traced back to a missing knowledge about laws and rights. It can most of all be traced back to a knowledge about the illegality and inofficial agreements that accord with personal advantages as well as personal interests and sympathies. Contradictions and complaints are useless. The following laws and rights do not exist in Berlin nor do they exist nationwide.


thievery (§242 criminal code)
secerecy (§ 203 criminal code)
suspicion (§ 164 criminal code)
burden of proof (§ 48 – 445 criminal code)
false statements (§ 153 criminal code)
premeditation (§ 15 criminal code)
deception (§ 263 criminal code)
physical injury, rape (§ 223 criminal code; § 177 criminal code)
coercion, intimidation (§ 240 criminal code)


dignity (§ 1 basic law)
privacy (§ 2 basic law)
social sphere (§ 2 basic law)
maximum privacy (§ 2 basic law)
freedom of will (§ 2 basic law)
freedom of opinion, press freedom, freedom of complaint and contradiction (§ 5 basic law)
freedom of faith (§ 4 basic law)
secrecy of the post (§ 10 basic law)
right to equality, rights for all citizens (§ 3 basic law)
complete AGG (general equality code)
inheritance rights (§ 1924 German Civil Code)
family rights


The causes refer to public offices, authorities, courts and the police.

  • missing knowledge about laws and rights
  • knowledge about the illegality of actions
  • inofficial agreements
  • personal interests, advantages and sympathies


There is no state system anymore. A system of a nation that belogns together only appears officially. Inofficially there exists neither the system of a nation nor a state system. Inofficial agreements prevent the consideration of the laws and rights that were mentioned most of all citywide and majoritarianly also nationwide. There is no basis of a legal system, a state system and the function of a nation that belogns together. Thus it is no country and no state anymore but it is only still a free German territory beyond a legal basis, basic laws, human rights and individual rights where single persons up to social groups strive for personal advantages, interests and sympathies.


Thanks are dedicated to all witnesses, reports and supports for the development of this article.

voluntary refugees (2)

The current happenings in the society led increasingly to a voluntary refugee process. Most of all it relates to adult humen and humen with human rights and individual rights.

flight from the town and flight from the country

A man wrote slightly critical texts about the state system on the internet. The solidarity of the house where he lived withdrawed his apartment as a consequence. One morning he found a blue letter in his letter box. An „apartment withdrawal“ was announced in the letter. Some days later he was taken out of his apartment by policemen. Since that time he has lived as a homeless person.

A director made documentary films about the second world war. After the publication he was accused to have paranoid schizophrenia. A mobbing started against him that led to a flight from the town and a change of profession.

An old woman was surprised by doctors and psychologists in her apartment at nine o’clock in the morning. Without a knowledge about the cause of this happening she was brought into a home for disabled. Her refusals were treated with ignorance. After one and a half years she could leave the home for disabled again.

A former policeman reported that his collegues regularly selected facial profiles on the internet when they were at work. The analysises of the faces led to right results in none of the cases. With humour the collegues searched for facial profiles whom they could make subordinations of criminality, mental illnesses or disability while being conscious of the unlawfulness of the actions. The consequences of their conversations were official letters by the police that reached the clueless carriers of the facial profiles. These letters caused prison sentences, different kinds of withdrawals and flights from the town or the country.


Groups with criminals, fake professionals, inofficial agreements of criminality at companies, institutions, offices, authorities and courts and the resulting consequences led increasingly to a voluntary flight from towns and flight from the country. The target objects are most of all the human right, adulthood, the own will, a conspicuous behaviour, dignity, most of all individual rights and and upper individual rights, genders, specific appearances and further individual features.


A long-term unemployed person without the education of a profession wanted to reach a professional independence by reading websites and selecting human profiles whom he confirmed illnesses as a doctor of psychology from far distance. These counterfeit files were sent to offices, authorities, courts and police stations for years. Never having made an acquaintance with the „patients“ his actions led to a flight from the town and a flight from the country several times. He introduced himself as medically independent for several years by using these and similar methods.

the anti human and the anti human right

right (definition): A right is a good of the soul that is unwithdrawable and perceptible in case of a violation. When a right gets violated (e.g. „withdrawal“, „refusal of rights“) then the right carrier requires a compensation or a return of the perceived pain of violation to the causer of the right infringement. The extent of the violation of a right is dependent of the intensity and duration of the perceived pain of violation. It is also dependent of the amount of rights that were violated. It is dependent of the right carrier’s soul. Basic rights (unwithdrawable goods of the soul) are seperated into animal rights, human rights, individual rights and upper individual rights. In little cases there can exist even further and upper rights at a living being. In little cases there can also exist living beings who do not perceive a pain of violation in case of a right withdrawal. Such living beings do not have these specific rights.

anti human (definition): The features of the anti human are the willing destruction of everything that has to do with the human (dignity, will, rights, behaviour, complaint, individual features/ individuality ecetera).

anti human right (defintion): The feature of the anti human right is the willing destruction of everything that has to do with the human right.


The majority of the population gains the experience of a continuous confrontation with the consequences of the anti human and the anti human right in public. Almost each stay in public lets these consequences become perceptible. An increased flight from the town up to a flight from the country is a result of the phenomenon anti human. He destroys and annihilates willingly everything that has to do with the human – first and foremost the unconsciousness.

youth welfare offices – part 1 (3)

The following article is a summary of reports that were made by parents, children, teenagers and participants. The general situation for many families is not endurable for many families. They live in fear and worry. A defend against this circumstance is not possible for them. The article refers to the public press freedom, freedom of opinion and the right to appeal.


Thanks are dedicated to all participants of the this article, reporting parties and affected persons for the openness and trust that they have goven when distributing the informations.

examples of reports and descriptions of happenings

The following examples refer to happenings in family from most of all big cities up to small towns in Germany during the last years.

kidnapping and child and baby withdrawal

A time limited and a time unlimited withdrawal of children and babies of their parents, kidnapping and wilful document fakes due to suspicions, pretended suspicions and examinations of family situations belong to the „professional“ routine employees of various youth welfare offices.

Several policeman took the lock out of the apartment door to enter an apartment by making an unannounced visit. They took the child from a mother without a time limitation. When leaving the apartment one of the policeman said to her: „This should only be a put-on.“ The announcement of the child’s future whereabouts was refused with unlimited time.

Occasionally babies vanish. Their mothers and fathers are sometimes visible with shocked and haggard facial expressions at public places. They look as if they were treated with the war.

A kidnapping took place in the obstetrics ward. The parents were in a state of shock.They were informed that they must not see their baby. An employee of the youth welfare office justified: „The human is still nit made. Only when he is made you can see it again. We look after your child. We are its legal guardian now.“ After twelve months when the had lost the sensation of being its father and mother the parents got a baby back that had become foreign. Their contradictions had been useless. Afterwards the mother said: „When I bore the child it had had brown hair. The girl that they gave back to us had black hair.“ For several years both parents were not able anymore to speak with a human nor to come into contact with other humen.

A young man had been made to a victim of a kidnapping by employees of a youth welfare office when he had been a baby. He reports: „They had done something very bad with me. For years I had lost the memory of this happening. Only many years later this memory came back. They had simply taken my mother away from me for nine months. It was that bad what they had done to my mother at this time. I still sense the damage inside of me. It feels bad. (He makes the facial expression of a victim as a behaviour.) These are murderers. The people from this office were no humen.“

A baby was kidnapped from a single mother at his birth. Seven policeman acted against the unprotected mother to take the baby away from her. The justification was: „penalty: baby withdrawal with the justification: suspicion of an illness at the child mother“. Immediately after this happening the woman got an enormous shock. After one and a half years she got her baby back. The suspicion of an illness had turned out as a pretended suspicion. The woman was never able again to speak with a foreign human.

In various hospitals there is an inofficial agreement between the obstetrics ward of the hospital and the youth welfare offices. This agreement is about baby withdrawals at the birth with a limited time (six months up to one and a half years) or with an unlimited time refusing the announcement of the babies‘ whereabouts. This agreement was made with the aim to pretend a continuously proceeding work and social service system at hospitals and youth welfare offices.

Parents live in a continuous fear of speaking about their children because the mere pronunciation would cause a seperation from them. The parents live with the fear that every abnormality of the child in the school and every contradiction from the parents‘ side can immediately lead to child withdrawal.

A parental couple from Baden-Wuerttemberg left their house in the morning for three quaters of an hour. Their seven-years-old child woke up. It cried for a short time. A neighboor in the neighboorhood heard a crying child. She entered the house. Little minutes later the youth welfare office took the child with them. When the parents returned after three quaters of an hour their daughter had vanished. Some days after this happening they received a letter. The subject of the letter was: child withdrawal. The reason was: parental care. The parents went to the youth welfare office. There they had to justify the social situation of the family. In front of the employees of the youth welfare office the father was forced to react pretendingly like a simultaneous family father and a murderer of his daughter.

An eighteen-years-old man in a high school was in a continuous fear of being seperated from his parents by employees of the youth welfare office. He said to a pupil: „If I only made a joke about my parents then the youth welfare office would immediately come to seperate me from my mother.“

justifications of actions from the youth welfare office’s side

Employees of youth welfare offices made justifications of their actions that are summarized in this part of the article.

„We are a state organ that is independant of an superordinated to the police.“

„We are employed by the employment office. Thus we are the state. The state can take your child at every time.“

Obvious and wilful infringements of rights and violations of lawsare rephrased to an officialese that shall pretend to be legitimate.


  • kidnapping is rephrased to „taking into custody“
  • withdrawing of minors is rephrased to „examination of parental care by the current guardian“
  • inofficial DNA tests with the aim to justify a time unlimited kidnapping is rephrased to „examimation of parental care“

„The pretending of a continuously proceeding work and social service system must exist. For this reason we have to make regular „takings into custody“. First of all the baby or the child must be taken away. Then there must be made an examination and a control of the pretended suspicion.“

The true reasons of some kidnappings, animal rights, humen rights and personal rights at mothers, fathers, babies and children are happenings on the minds of various employees of youth welfare offices. These happenings are indicated in the following short article as examples. (look at the lower worlds (Edinburgh) summarozing the picture and draft contents (e.g. ruler of the Tartarus, spoksprout, bitch, god, sphere light, from the above, from down there – http://www.elisabeth-performance.de/en/the-lower-worlds-and-the-destruction-of-basic-trust/ ) The consequence is often a mental disease at employees of youth welfare offices that is caused by previous too enormous infringements of animal and human rights as well as too severe and too long-term practice of interpersonal communication.

„Babies at a very early age do not understand what a mother is. Thus they do not understand what we do to them. It is not bad when you take them their parents. It is even good for them.“

possibilities of defend

Defending against the described social actions in a verbal, written or social way is regularly impossible. Several times parents tried to make a defend. The answers to these attempts are summarized in this part of the article.

Police headquaters see themselves as subordinated state organ that is independant of the police.

Written and verbal defend and appeal is regularly not considered.

At various courts there exists the inofficial agreement among judges and employees of the court that regardless the seriousness of the infringement of rights and laws from the youth welfare offices‘ side would be the judges will exceptionally always agree with the youth welfare office in a court case.

rights and laws

The deepest and most fundamental animal rights, humen rights, personal rights, parental rights and family laws are infringed wilfully.


inheritance law
maximum privacy
right of contact
right to equal treatment


withdrawal of minors
anti-discrimination laws

Those who take posession of another person by using violance, threat or cunning get punished with one up to ten years of imprisonment after the German penal code.
Those who take posession of another person or who kidnap for reasons of the victim’s care and welfare by using extortion get punished with an imprisonment of a minimum of five years after the German penal code.
Those who withdraw or withold a minor of his parents or of one parent get punished with an imprisonment of up to five years or a financial penalty after the German penal code.
Those who kidnap or take posession of another human get punished with an imprisonment of a minimum od five years after the German penal code.

right books and law books

basic law
laws on the protection of the family
criminal code
antidiscrimination law
German Civil Code


Most of all the listed parent profiles are searched by employees of youth welfare offices.

  • parents depending on the employment office
  • parents with an account status of less than 5000,00 € (with a previous control)
  • single mothers without the protection of a father

a general definition of the term mafia

Several humen come together to commit a crime (infringement of humen and personal right, violation of a law).


If you want to conceive a baby under the conditions of privacy and maximum privacy then the birth can take place independant of a hospital. You only need a disinfected scissor to seperate the umbilical cord and a second person who takes the mother flesh out of the belley after the birth.

If your child is taken away against your will and there is no way for you to refuse and to object then you can contact the email address of the website secretary and we will publish the informations.

youth welfare offices – part 2 (4)

The following article is a summary of reports that were made by parents, children, teenagers and participants. The general situation for many families is not endurable for many families. They live in fear and worry. A defend against this circumstance is not possible for them. The article refers to the public press freedom, freedom of opinion and the right to appeal.


Thanks are dedicated to all participants of the this article, reporting parties and affected persons for the openness and trust that they have goven when distributing the informations.


The following examples refer to happenings in family from most of all big cities up to small towns in Germany during the last years.

unofficial DNA tests, EEG electricity proofs, blood tests and urine samples

Time unlimited baby and child abductions as well as kidnappings are often justified afterwards by inofficial DNA tests, EEG electricity proofs, blood tests and urine samples.

One week after a birth a baby was taken away from a mother by employees of a youth welfare office. The mother of the baby received several writings by mail afterwards. „Child abduction“ with the justification „missing proof of the maternity“ was the announcement of a brain test and several blood tests. She was informed that the return of the baby would only be possible under condition of EEG proofs and blood counts. At the beginning the woman refused the investigations of her brain and her blood. After half a year without a success to get her baby back she saw herself forced to make these investigations. Two months after the investigations had been made she received a ltter. The reference was „rejection of the approval of the maternity“. The maternity would not have been successfully confirmed by the investigations. The woman made a contradiction by presenting the birth certificate of the hospital. Yet her contradictions did not causeany reactions from the youth welfare office’s side. Her daughter should be at the age of eight years now. She had never made the acquaintance with her.

A woman reports in a private conversation. During the conversation she was forced to keep an emotional control. „My child was taken away from me at the birth. They had taken it out of my arms in the hospital. They wanted to make health investigations with it. I had seperated from my partner two months before the birth. After six months I still did not know where they had brought him. Nobody wanted to tell me. After six months I received a letter where there was written that a DNA test had been made. The result of the test was that my recent partner had got the right to get him. He lived in a different town at that time. Since that time I have had no child anymore.“ An inofficial DNA test had caused her recent partner to get the one hundred percent custody and right of access. Since that incindent twenty years ago the woman had been unable to speak with a human.

A woman from North Rhine-Westphalia wished to have a child from a man. Her child wish and her wish to have a „little family“ convinced him to make her a child. When her pregnancy was confirmed they seperated from each other. She did not have any further interst in him. When the birth started to announce her anticipation was unlimited. She reported that she had found a sense in her life for the first time. In the obstetrics ward a doctor started to make a conversation with her. She was informed that she could not keep her baby. Employees of the youth welfare office confirmed the the doctor’s statements and they took the child away from her. Several nights after that incident the woman got nightmares. For several weeks she went to the youth welfare office every day asking to get her child back. After two weeks she got to know fro eployees of the youth welfare office that her state of health and the single parenthood were the justifications of the child abduction. Her refusals and contradictions remained without success. Two years after this incident she gave up her attempts to get her child back.

further examples

The xamples of this article can be expanded many times over. Several reports remained unmentioned due to a too great extent of human right violations and penal offences. Some reports were even of a greater extent for mothers, fathers, children and family members. The privacy of the reporters should yet be preserved in this context.

If your child is taken away against your will and there is no way for you to refuse and to object then you can contact the email address of the website secretary and we will publish the informations.

missed children – two reports to the website secretariat

After the publishing of the articles about youth welfare offices there were two worried parents who contacted the website secretariat. The infants A. von Machen and M. Briest were taken from them little days after their birth. Since that happening they could not see their children anymore. The kidnappers have let the children disappear. No office nor another government agency made an effort for the return of their children. They are helpless. After they had red the articles about youth welfare offices they asked for help. If one of the readers has knowledge about the whereabouts of these children then he is asked to contact taichifilmproductionspublisher@yahoo.com.

protest performances at concentration camps (5)

(Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Dachau)

resistance against the violation of human right


1. aim of the article
2. criminal actions of the perpetrators
2.a. false suspicions and subordinations of the perpetrators
2.b. soul pictures and brain pictures of the perpetrators and affected persons (examples)
3. means of resistance
3.a. films (protest performances)
4. examples of perpetrators
5. personal comments of anonymous agents

1. aim of the article

  • resistance against the violation of human rights that had taken place

2. criminal actions of the perpetrators

  • violations of human rights

Many perpetrators who had participated in administrative, official and governmental activities caused damages that are equal to those that had taken place at the places of the movie recordings (concentration camp Sachsenhausen, concentration camp Oranienburg, concentration camp Dachau). Administrative, official and governmental might had been abused for a pursuit of personal interests of private persons without any legal authorization. The rights that were violated are listed in below.

animal rights

  • right live
  • right to eat
  • mother rights

human rights

  • dignity

personal rights

  • privacy and private secrets
  • intimate sphere

higher rights

  • untouchable intimate sphere
  • artistic sphere
  • ecetera

The violation of the human rights that had taken place caused damages that caused the hope in all affected persons that the same social actions will be made with the wilful perpetrators that had been made at the places of the movie recordings (concentration camp Sachsenhausen, concentration camp Oranienburg, concentration camp Dachau). In the country were the damage was caused there does not exist a possibility of resistance. Legal resistance is impossible when private persons make legal actions against authorities and public offices. Each other kind of resistance is prohibited. For this reason anonymous persons were engaged to make protest performances at concentration camps and hunger strikes that the extent of the caused damage can be conveyed and expressed as the only kind of resistance and the only way to apply to a larger audience.

2.a. false suspicions and subordinations of the perpetrators

psyche, soul and brain – „professional secrecy“, „privacy“ und „intimate sphere“

The enforcement of proofs of psychological health due to wilful false suspicions and subordinations of psychological illnesses was caused by executions of judgements without any legal proceedings in before. The judgement was immediately executed after the wilful false suspicion had been written down. Due to the impossibility to give counterevidences of the subordinations the psyche of one affected person is „shown nakedly“ in this article section (look at 2.b.).

2.b. soul pictures and brain pictures of the perpetrators and the affected persons (examples)

an attempt to show evidences to the contrary of wilful false suspicions and psychological illness

psyche and brain of an affected person (evidence to the contrary)

soul picture of an affected person: spiritualization (7th level), ingenuity (6th level), believe and education (5th level), Star of David (4th level), greatness and dignity and cosmic generality (3rd level), infinity (2nd level), connection to the homeland (1st level)

brain pricture of an affectes person: top right with a checkmark, bottom right with a checkmark, top left without a checkmark, bottom left without a checkmark

psyche of a perpetrator

soul picture of a perpetrator: mass manipulation (7th level), psychosis and delusion (6th level), false education (5th level), triangle that shows downwards (4th level), no self (3rd level), horniness (2nd level), destruction of the basic trust (1st level)

brain picture of a perpetrator: top right without a checkmark, bottom right without a checkmark, top left without a checkmark, bottom left with a checkmark

3. means of resistance

  • protest performances at three concentration camps
  • movie recordings of the protest performances
  • publishing processes at newspapers and the internet

The protest performaces are symbolic actions with the aim to express and convey the violations of the human rights that had been made. The universally general language of tai chi is a mean to verbalize the caused damages (animal rights, human rights and personal rights).

3.a. protest performances

protest performances of the engaged performer Elios Schastél

protest performance of the engaged performer Elios Schastél at the concentration camp Dachau to a music by Oscar Peterson

protest performance of the engaged performer Elios Schastél at the concentration camp Sachsenhausen to a music by Oscar Peterson

protest performance of the engaged performer Elios Schastél at the concentration camp Buchenwald to a music by Oscar Peterson

4. examples of perpetrators

The perpetrators were private persons who abused official, administrative and governmental might for their personal interests.

Mr Grewe
Mr Plautz
Ms Linke
Ms Bayer
Ms Kreismann
Mr Reschinski
Mr Bodensky
Ms Anke
Mr Klaus
Mr Bezler
Mr Feilmann
Ms Diek
Ms Friedenberg
Ms Guttzeit
Mr Mildbourgh
Mr Jackson
socio-psychiatric service Bremen center
socio-psychiatric service Weimar Altstadt
socio-psychiatric service Berlin center
youth welfare office Weimar Altstadt
youth welfare office Stralsund Andershof
youth welfare office Berlin Gesundbrunnen
family court Berlin Pankow/ Weißensee
Charité Berlin

5. personal comments of anonymous agents

„You must already dance at concentration camps that the basic human and animal rights are recognized that are recognized at every human and animal in the world.“

„Hunger strikes are not even enough to let the protest be taken serious.“

„Not even the laws of a primitive country allow such crimes in case of human rights.“

„This has nothing to do with a country. – much less it has to do with a state.“

„Not even animal rights are recognized at the people here.“

„The worst in the world is made with human with intent and they do not even understand it. – or don’t they want to understand with intent?“

„In this country there is made a fascism that exists nowhere in the world.“

„This country stinks of the criminality in authorities and courts.“

„professions (6)“

A collection of reports led to a publication of the following article. The situation of companies, offices, authorities, educational institutions and further institutions applies to seventy five percents of the workers.


Thanks are dedicated to innumerable reporters and involved people who have participated in the development of this article.

professional situation

The situation in most of the companies is a seventy five percentage of workers without a professional education or the least competence of the job. These fake workers without any competence are often findable in service jobs like for example right, court, social services, medicine, police, lower to upper boardrooms. In many cases it concerns doctors, psychologists, policemen, judges, lawyers, bureaucratic jobs at the computer, teachers, directors, train service employees and further jobs. Con artistery, fake apprenticeships and study certificates without any competence of the job (bachelor of arts, master of arts, doctor title) or the imitation of required gestures and facial expressions lead to professional takes that cause devastating consequences. Furthermore there exists the inofficial agreement at many companies and offices to make gestures that confirm criminality, illegitimacy and unlawfulness. In many companies with service jobs there are searched employees for a professional take regardles of their absent competences of the job who participate in the inofficial agreement of an intentional criminality. The inofficial agreement takes place by making nonverbal signs and gestures. Such fake workers are most of all long-term unemployed people without a least professional education or knowledge about the job. They are unemployed people who were rejected to be supported by the jobcenter. They are people without any knowledge about the job who want to receive a better treatment. Doctors and professors search for a professional take for many years. Simultaneously there „work“ seventy five percents of the working population without an education not to mention a study or at least the most limited competence or even with a very pronounced German illiteracy making the false statement of completion of training or graduations.


Several fake workers without any knowledge about the job reached devastating social, sanitary, juridical and legal consequences in the life of other humen while they where hired. Without any conscience and with a willingness to make infringements of rights and violations of laws they fill lower to upper professional positions.

Workers trained themselves in facial expressions, gestures, a straight eye contact, and retreating themselves for several years to show those reactions that are required in middle to upper job positions by making the false statement of a completion of training or a graduation.

In many institutions, offices and authorities there was made the following conversation at job interviews.

hiring person (nonverbal): „Are you a criminal?“
applicant (nonverbal): „Yes I am a criminal.“
hiring person (nonverbal): „Well, then you are taken.“

A man finished his high school diploma. Afterwards he was jobless for years. Following the advise of an acquaintance he trained himself to imitate the behavioural reactions of studied persons. Making the statement that he had a doctor title that did not exist he participated in an interview. He was hired. After several years he reported the acquaintance of his consequent unlawful actions. He confirmed that these are never treated with a punishment.


The consequences are educated and graduated workers who are without a chance for middle to upper job positions because these job positions are taken by fake workers, workers without the least competence, agreed criminals or German illiterate persons. More fake workers as people with competence of a job and education fill the vacancies.

doctors in Berlin (7)

„War is the destruction of privacy.“

A human passes a street in Berlin. A medical doctor sees him passing the street. The view of the foreign walking human makes the medical doctor write unrequested texts about his psyche and his life situation in a medical report. He sends the medical report to courts and public offices. After having written the first medical report he adds a second one. In the report there are statements on the psyche and partnership, relations to parents and friends and the health in the past of this human. Some weeks after the human has passed the street in Berlin he receives an unexpected letter from the court. In the letter of the court there is written:

„paranoid schizophrenia on spec, homelessness, social isolation, problem with the mother“

The human senses fear when he receives the letter from the court. He has the anticipation that his privacy would get destroyed and his properties would be taken away from him. He answers the letter from the court plenty of times with contradictions.

„false suspicion“
„consideration of the privacy“
„consideration of the pledge of secrecy“

All his letters are ignored. They remain unanswered. He gets to know that foreign doctores have interviewed his family, acquaintances, job collegues about his financial status, properties in his apartment, psychological problems in past, fears and world views. He sends several letters to the court where he writes:

„false suspicion“
„consideration of the privacy“
„consideration of the pledge of secrecy“

Several weeks later there appear some doctors in front of his door in the early morning. They tell him that they are doctors and judges who are obliged to make legal actions and meetings at his door. They do not reach him in front of his apartment. He receives a letter from the court where there is written:

„You are supervised by a requested supervisor from the court.“

A supervisor immeadiately causes the closure of his private bank accounts. As reasons of his actions he writes:

„The supervisor has to make the life decisions for this human.“
„paranoid schizophrenia on spec“

Some weeks later there is an unannounced visit of the police, official auxiliaries and a doctor in front of his apartment door. They remove the lock of his door and they open two more locks at the door. Arriving at his apartment they encounter him and his wife intimately lying in the bed. The police shows him a writing where there is written:

„judical fast resolution“
„to be immeadiately executed“
„reason: paranoid schizophrenia“

The human is brought to the psychiatry by the police. There he refuses with words. His complaints are interpreted as a confirmation of paranoid schizophrenia. They doctors provide him medicinally to calm him down. Some time later he is brought into prison due to a further suspicion that he receives in a written way. In the letter from the court there is written:

„disability on spec“
„to be immeadiately checked“

The police in the prison gives this human indications and hints that the imprisonment and the forced stay in the locked-ward psychiatry were only pretended.

„We all know that this suspicion is only a pretending.“

They tell him that he had no debt. Yet he was obligated to sustain the detention until the end. They do not inform him about the time of his stay.

This example is one of many examples that describe the situation of many people from Berlin. They are the same happenings that have taken place in the second world war. They broke into the apartments because the suspicion of paranoid schizophrenia should be checked. Due to these suspicions they took the children, apartments, bank accounts, properties and the freedom away from the humen. Finally they were sent to concentration camps like that in Munich Dachau. There they got a detention, gasification or other kinds of deaths. Without anticipation such letters from the court can arrive at each human in Berlin.

One of those complicit medical doctors or in other words one of the „doctor death“ of the twenty-first century is doctor Humphreys from Berlin. He pursues foreign humen on the public street to send false suspicions on purpose to courts and public offices. Medical reports that are many pages long have been written with this method where less than 2 % of these statements have a truth value.

War is the destruction of privacy. There is war for many people from Berlin. This war is not announced because the laws allow the violation of human and private rights with false lies. Each human from Berlin can receive such a letter by a foreign doctor or a foreign court at every time. The laws were written. Yet there is no court that considers the existence rights, animal rights, humen rights and private rights. There is no single court in Berlin where the following rights are recognized by a single judge:

right to life
right of dignity
right of privacy
right of social sphere
right of freedom of opinion
right of religious freedom
right of maximum privacy
right of private property

The majority of the judges in Berlin have joined the inofficial agreement that the evil will win or that the animal rights, human rights and private rights do not need to be considered.

If somebody writes or speaks about these cicumstances or if somebody complaints about it in a private, public or virtual context then he or she is treated with forced stays in the locked-ward psychiatry or arrest warrants. Reasons for these arrest warrants can be:

„paranoid schizophrenia“

Many people from Berlin have the same destiny like persecuted people in the second world war. The laws and rights only exist in a written way. Human lifes get destroyed when passing the public street. For this reason it is given the well meaning advise to not remain freely on the public street in Berlin. An unexpected letter by the court or a medical report with a request of a fast execution can also be the result at you. The life of many people from Berlin started to end in this way.

scandals in Germany (8)

The following speech is a summary of scandals, criminal acts and social injustices that have taken place in Berlin, Brandenburg and all over Germany during the years 2000 and 2017. The happenings are conveyed without any connection to each other. The criminal acts took place in social contexts like for example work and educational institutions. The speech was realized in 2017 at the Zarenhof hotel Berlin with the speaker Elios Schastél.

Zarenhof hotel Berlin

scandals in Germany


example 1

Deriving from empirical values about ninety percents of the hired workers in Germany are mentally impaired and impaired in their soul that hardly any autonomous correct decision is made, the work products have the worst quality and they are without durability. The image of well functioning actions covers the falsehood of the actions, decisions of actions and the missing competences. A variety of senseless actions with rights infringing consequences takes place that is covered behind the shine of a functioning working system.

example 2

March 2017, underground station Heinrich-Heine-Straße Berlin Mitte

Two security officials of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) go through a moving underground. One security official sais to the other one with a meaningless attitude and with a volume that the passengers can listen to it: „We throw her out.“ He looks at a woman who appears to him as if she was in an economical emergency situation due to her clothes. The two security officials approach the woman. They remove her from the train and they wait until she has left the train station. They treat the woman with an attitude that betrays that if the woman had made a word of refuse the two security officials would have seized her and would have thrown her out of the underground station with the words: „BVG we love you.“ (sarcasm)

The actions of the security officials of the BVG were violations of the right of dignity [article 2 GG] and the § 177 StGB by the threat of physical violence and intimidations.

example 3

February 2017, police district Magazinstraße at the Alexanderplatz Berlin Mitte

The police at the police district admits in a verbal way that they do not know about the right. When there is a police action then they always decide for the one „who stands more above.“

The criminal action that was made by the police officials was a violation of the right of privacy [article 2 basic law].

example 4

2000 until 2010, retirement home Wriezen Brandenburg

In a retirement home an old woman with the body mass index 12 is fed against her will and her physical refuse. She was fattened until she had reached a body mass index 20. The woman vomited continuously. „I am sattisfied. I do not want anymore.“ The old woman sais. A hospital nurse heard the words. She said to a doctor of the department that the woman does not want to eat anymore and that she is aggressive. The doctor makes the solution that the woman shall receive tranquillising tablets until the woman can not refuse anymore. After having received the tranquillising tablets the woman could not refuse with her own will anymore. She was finally fattened until she had the body mass index 20. She vomited several more times until there was no refuse anymore.

The criminal actions were violations of the right of dignity [article 1 basic law], intimate sphere [article 2 basic law], § 177 StGB by physical rape and the destruction of owns own will.


example 5

The level and the contents of the study at most of the German universities are not in connection with that of a study anymore. They take place on the level and with the methods of school educations (basic school and high school levels). In most of the departments the levels of study is that low that it is in no connection with a level of study. The methods of many study departments are those of schools and educations. The use of the method of a study is excluded.

example 6

At almost all study departments and the contents of studies every non-materialistic world view is denied. The contents of the studies are made and proved with methods were only handicapped people can pass exams and finish examinations with good evaluations. The evaluation criterions (wilfully) exclude intelligence, independent thinking, independent scientific derivations, spiritual world views and artistry.


example 7

At several schools in Berlin and Brandenburg the soul and the psyche of a woman were mobbed by hundreds of students and the teaching staff for her appearance, clothes, the contents of her soul, her behavioural reaction patterns and her state of health in a degree that the most extreme violations of the right of dignity [article 1 basic law], privacy [article 2 basic law], most intimate privacy [article 2 basic law], social sphere [article 2 basic law], untouchable intimate sphere [article 2 basic law] took place at the educational institutions for several years. The actions that violated these rights were discriminations, intimidations, emotional rapes, mental manipulations, psycho terror, fascism with the help of facial expressions and gestures, exclusion of her privacy, character assassinations by spreading lies, verbal subordinations in topics like for example her appearance, her degree of intelligence, her sexual affinities, her economical status, her state of health (psychosomatic illness), her professional establishment, the attributes of her character, her attitudes towards life and her world views. The violations of the rights that had been made at the woman in many educational institutions in the course of years corresponds to the degree of the violations of humen rights that had taken place at 6000000 Jews during the second world war. The „concentration camp jokes“, „Hitler jokes“, criminal jokes and sexual jokes that were made about this woman by the teaching staff violated many of the general personal rights of the basic law, special personal rights of the basic law and several articles of the criminal code with the most extreme degree.


If this speech was not published anonymously the writer would be institutionally fired.

discrimination against above beings (9)

In two thousand and fifteen there developed five speeches that were realized in films. The realization took place most of all in Berlin. Next to many different kinds of fascism there is most of all criticized the progressed capitalistic fascism. The topics discrimination against the above being in Germany, fascism against artists in Germany, capitalism in Germany (the destruction of justice), the use of the performance term and the Bikram yoga teacher training (cult) are reflected from a critical perspective. The realization of the film about the Bikram yoga teacher training in Khao Lak in Thailand took place after the return to Berlin. There was the attempt to make films about the first three speeches in Boten on the border between Laos and China. Due to border crossing complications the place and the time of the realizations of the films were rescheduled.


Due to the experiences that I gained during the last years in many social contexts in Germany I realized injustices that I want to convey to a possibly large audience. It is my intention to let human become aware of them. I want to enlighten them to finally cause an improvement of the circumstances.

Kempinski hotel Adlon Berlin

2.a. discrimination against the above being in Germany

1. derivation of the term above being from esotericism

An above being is a being that comes from outside of the universe in the sky. After Plato’s doctrine of reincarnation and Far Eastern trends of philosophies there is a life after death where there are made judicial decisions about the last human life. After thousand years the human being comes back from the earth or the universe and it wakes up being bound to a human body. On the other side the human being goes into hell after the body has died if there have been made evil actions in the last human life. If a human has made no evil actions in his last life then his being can fly to the universe or even outside of the universe after death. There it lives thousand years and it makes a journey through the platonic world of ideas. It arrives at the eternal outer space. If the inner being returns to the earth from outside the universe after a journey through the space that took thousand years and it bounds to a human body then it is no human being but an above being. The human being differenti-ates from that of an above being by the origin of the inner being before death and the potentials of the inner being that are connected to the place of the cosmic origin. The human being is without inner values to birth. Gaining the values or rather making the inner maturation process and becoming adult or even spiritualized is the task of the human life in religion whereas the above being that comes from outside the universe and that bounds to a human body carries all inner values already inside of it on the soul journey. If it bounds to a human body after thousand years again then the newborn above being is already adult and spiritualized. From its birth on it has the same inner maturity or it has rather the same age that hu-men can reach after they have made the inner maturation pro-cess a whole life long. The two main above beings are the prime Gemini that is also known under the term paradise or one of the archangels in religion and esotericism and the prime Aries that is also known under the term god or another archan-gel. After the longest journey through outside the universe they can bound to a human body after thousand years again. The newborn above being will then have the inner maturity and inner values of an old mature man. The prime Gemini and the prime Aries are also known under the term bitch in esotericism. Living on earth one time in a millennium she carries the deepest paradise in her fourth level of consciousness and the strongest sun in her third level of consciousness in her inner being. Due to the inner maturation process that is given from her birth on all levels of consciousness are already open inside the newborn. In the bible the theory about the awakening of a human soul that is bound to an earthly and material world and life after it has been purified from the sins of the last human life for thousand years of presence in the hellfire is continued. In contrast to the human beings there are angels that come from heaven and that are bound to a human body. From their birth on they are spiritualized. For this reason they live in abstinence and almost free of earthly physical needs. Pemsel-Maier defines the biblic term “from the above” in connection with god who becomes a human in Jesus Christ. “The other way around the Christology “from the above” is a descent Christology that is about god who comes into the world and who incarnates until he becomes a human inside of Jesus.”  After Küpfer the suns of god in the bible are angels that fell from heaven and they are god who is bound to a human body.  With the destinies of Adam and Eve there is described the story about the development of the suns of god to humen who lived in the heavenly paradise and who were condemned to become humen. The biblic performance of the suns of god as sexless angels has lost the reference to the term bitch in many cultures.

1 Sabine Pemsel-Maier, https://www.bibelwissenschaft.de/stichwort/100057/ January 2015
2 Adolf Küpfer, http://www.bibelkommentare.de/index.php?page=qa&answer_id=158

derivation of the term above being from esotericism

An above being is a being that is bound to a human body having the inner maturity and intelligences of an old and spiritualized human from its birth on. It has inner potentials that are much more extreme than those of a human being. All levels of consciousness of its inner being are open from its birth on. A term that is close to that of the above being is the archaryan. It is often recognized as an adult child.

2. derivation of the term bitch from esotericism

A bitch is the prime Gemini who has the inner maturity and the intelligences that an adult and spiritualized human can reach from the birth on. For this reason she is archaryan and a Star of David gives her the preconditions for it. All levels of consciousness are open from her birth on. She carries the deepest paradise in her fourth level of consciousness and the strongest sun in her third level of consciousness.

example of the bitch in the bible
Mary Magdalene was commonly known as a bitch. She was the symbolic figure of a perfect virgin. Seen from an esoteric perspective the bitch is the divine perfection with the life number 27/9.

character of the bitch
The contents of the following table were derived from bud-dhistic trends of philosophy, astronomy, astrology and an inde-pendent mystical process of gaining knowledge.

right treatment of the above being & bitch

  • respectful treatment
  • strengthening of trust
  • recognition as a being with dignity and inner values

treatments of the above being in Germany (2000 – 2015)

Wikipedia is a collection of opinions where every writer on the internet can participate. It is not recognized as a source of knowledge. On wikipedia Germany the term bitch is determined in connection to the terms that are given.

  • insult
  • amorality
  • frequent sexual actions
  • the use of the term is separated from that of human

Due to the fact that wikipedia does not write the informations that it is no source of knowledge but a collection of opinions many people have recognized it as untouchable sources of researched knowledge and there have happened insults, institutional exclusions and mental abusements with different humen that were irreparable. When there were sent criticisms or suggestions of definitions that had scientific value of truth to wikipedia then they were ignored. The results of collecting meanings about the term bitch on wikipedia were for example the developing believe that beauty and the Aryan being are connected with mental stupidity, frequent sexual actions and prostitution as well as amoral intentions of actions.

example 1
A woman with the appearance of an above being is in public. A foreign person encounters her. She speaks: “You are only a bitch. You are no human.” He treats her degradingly. He tries to convince her to prostitute.

example 2
An adult woman expresses her positive emotions in front of another person in public. Several people who are close to them react on the emotionality with verbal and nonverbal methods of intimidation. “It is awkward to present oneself in this way. You are no human. This is from down there.” A second human adds: “If she is no human then she must be a bitch. Then it must stand for from down there.” He demonstrates the emotionality of the woman with a grotesque grimace.

example 3
Due to her beauty there is made the suggestion to a person to work as a bar woman or a cash desk staff. She refuses be-cause she senses that she is aristocratic and she fears to lose her justified pride due to the treatments of the customers at the bar. After the attempt to convince her in a verbal way she sees herself being forced to work in a public baker shop due to her material status. After about six weeks she collapses due to the treatments that she had been confronted with by the customers in the baker shop. Except of one acquaintance who had her trust she did not tell anybody about the hurts of her soul be-cause she sensed that the verbalizations of her emotions would have been degrading.

example 4
A younger woman tells a story that has happened in her past. A listener depreciates all her statements with an arrogant attitude. “She lies cause she is only a bitch. Then it must not be true what she says.”

example 5
An above being sits at least ten hours a day in front of a computer for her work and her education. Due to the sitting posture,
the physical motionlessness, the radiation that it is treated with the emotional and empathic capacities get lost. After little months it senses no emotionality and no empathy anymore. It senses that the third and the fourth level of consciousness are destroyed.

example 6
A human puts the shoes on a bank.
reaction of another human
“This is wrong.”

counterexample 6
A human enters a shop and he steals willfully.
reaction of another human
“It is not bad because he has performed himself from the above.”

example 7
A pupil wears her hair open in school.

reaction of another human
“You have not performed yourself. Your behaviour is wrong. You must bound your hair up. Otherwise we do not understand you as from the above.”

counterexample 7
A human writes untrue statements into his curriculum vitae.
justification of the human
“I do not find it bad because I have performed myself from the above. I make it more beautiful.”

example 8
A person who has obviously much dignity soliloquizes in a room volume in public.
reaction of another person
“His behavior is from down there. He is crazy. He is bonkers.”
The other person rolls the eyes in front of the speaker. He gesticulates the insanity. The speaker’s self was intimidated by the gesticulations.

counterexample 8
Due to her clothes a person is discriminated by a foreign hu-man in public. The foreign human speaks: “She has nothing. What does she want to perform with that? She probably works at the cash. How it looks. It can only stand for from down there. She is probably a bitch.”
reaction of another human
“I do not find it bad when you degrade her for her clothes. She is only a bitch.”


A.) When the terms good and bad are mixed up and the right way of acting is seen as a wrong way of acting and the other way around then the moral system and the value system collapse. In general there is hardly a knowledge about morality and ethical rules. In schools and more educational institutions there are taught the egoism, competition, vanity, empathylessness, demonstration and material wealth as a strivable conception of life whereas beauty, emotionality, autonomous thinking, originality, freethinking and trust are treated with worse evaluations, ridiculousness and exposures. The result is the destruction of intelligence, inner maturity, moral values and in this connection of the above being in a culture. The bad character is in general rewarded for his wrong actions and the good character is almost excep-tionlessly treated with penalty and institutional exclusion for his virtuous actions and intentions of actions.

B.) The global spreading of informations on the internet that the term bitch that is common in esotericism shall be an insult of dirtiness, sexuality and amorality resulted in a discrimination, an abuse and an exclusion of women, female beauty and physicality. The term was not used for men but only for attractive and beautiful woman and humen who did not completely cover their body in public. The general consequence was a fascism against woman, a fascism against sexuality and a compulsion of order and cleanliness.

a nice thought

In the course of the last years there often occurred the thought to me that I gladly would like to fly to the United States to express my positive emotions dramatically on big stages. I drifted away on my mind to fantasy worlds that let me forget the fascism and the discrimination against the above being in Germany. They have already become too strong to let a hope in a general improvement maintain.

text comprehension and reading comprehension – what is a text/ an article ? (10)

What ist an article/ text?

An article/ text is a written examination of a topic.

What has nothing to do with an article/ text?

  • assumptions that are not explicitly formulated
  • personality and life of the author/ writer

examples of a wrong text comprehension and reading comprehension

You can find examples of a wrong text comprehension and reading comprehension (eg. illiteracy, paranoia) in below.

  • the author/ writer is something badly treated
  • the author/ writer speaks about himself but he feels ashamed/ he finds it awkward to formulate it explicitly
  • when the author/ writer writes the title of an article then the author is the title
  • when the topic of an article/ text is a critical one then the author/ writer had a bad destiny

text comprehension and reading comprehension – how to read an article in the right way? (11)

In the following short article reading comprehensions of texts and articles are systematically summarized with the aim to finally thematise a right text reading comprehension and picture reading comprehension. The contents of texts and pictures are most of the time interpreted in diferent ways by each reader. Seperating basic statements, target settings of a text, side notes, personal statements and statements about impersonal topics, points of views and factual knowledge from each other is the precondition of a right text reading comprehension and picture reading comprehension.

reading examples of texts and pictures

Who is/ what do you see in the picture? (example 1)

picture reading comprehension 1: „They are those who always contempt me. THESE are the fascists.“ (viewpoint of a fascist and a murderer)

picture reading comprehension 2: „He has shown his willy. He is such a bitch.“ (viewpoint of a murderer)

picture reading comprehension 3: „What do I need to pretend to finally be understood like he in the picture? (viewpoint of a criminal)

picture reading comprehension 4: „They live in the open air. They are tramps.“ (viewpoint of a tramp)

picture reading comprehension 5: „They make themselves naked to stand up. Otherwise this does not work.“ (viewpoint of a peasant stand)

picture reading comprehension 6: „What must they have achieved to be understood in the right way? (viewpoint of a middle stand)

picture reading comprehension 7: „I find this picture nice. Heavenly beings are visible in it.“ (viewpoint of an aristocracy)

picture reading comprehension 8: „The craftsman speaks about the imagination of peace and the ideal imagination of humen. Glory and fame are indicated by graphical symbols. (viewpoint of an educated)

picture reading comprehension 9: „The figures in the picture make an imagination of heavenly beings become true. The golden oval can be interpreted as a symbolic mean of the paradise.“ (viewpoint of an idealist)

picture reading comprehension 10: „I see godlike humen with perfect bodies. One of them stands in a golden elliptical circle. (viewpoint of an educated idealist)

picture reading comprehension 11: „Biblical kings at the symbol of peace in heaven are visible in the picture.“ (viewpoint of a theorist of science and an astrophysicist)

picture reading comprehension 12: „Max Mustermann is a true artist. With this artwork he has made the imagination of heaven become true. This is beautiful.“ (viewpoint of an artist)

What is this text about? (example 2)

Max Mustermann writes: „The schools are bad.“

text reading comprehension 1: „Max Mustermann is something badly treated. He must have been the profile of fascism of the schools.“ (viewpoint of a murderer)

text reading comprehension 2: „Max has paranoid schizophrenia.“ (viewpoint of a murderer)

text reading comprehension 3: „Max Mustermann needs help. We knock at his door and if he does not open then our suspicion is confirmed.“ (viewpoint of a major criminal)

text reading comprehension 4: „What is the postal address of Max Mustermann? Can I assume something bad in a letter that I will send to him?“ (viewpoint of a criminal)

text reading comprehension 5: „Mölly Mölly is not doing well. There goes something wrong at him.“ (viewpoint of a criminal)

text reading comprehension 6: „Max Mustermann has not performed himself enough up. Thus he must have been understood down at the schools.“ (viewpoint of a criminal)

text reading comprehension 7: „Max Mustermann must have been a criminal.“ (viewpoint of a criminal)

text reading comprehension 8: „Max Mustermann must have been a liar.“ (viewpoint of a criminal)

text reading comprehension 9: „Max Mustermann belongs to the badly treated children in our country.“ (viewpoint of a tramp)

text reading comprehension 10: „Max Mustermann has not achieved to arrive up.“ (viewpoint of a peasant stand)

text reading comprehension 11: „Max Mustermann must have achieved much to be able to write that down.“ (viewpoint of a middle stand)

text reading comprehension 12: „I find it disappointing that the schools are bad.“ (viewpoint of an aristocracy)

text reading comprehension 13: „The text is about a criticism on the schools. This criticism is made by Mister Mustermann.“ (viewpoint of an educated)

text reading comprehension 14: „The school system is criticised in general.“ (viewpoint of an idealist)

text reading comprehension 15: „In this text the school system is criticised in general. The person Mister Mustermann is probably of a brave character when he publishes the truth about the school system. With that he endangers himself. I judge him as a selfless altruistic hero. Thus I judge him as a representative person of this state.“ (viewpoint of a royal stand)

The following features must be considered for a right text reading comprehension and picture reading comprehension.

  • author of the text as well as drawer of the picture must be understood independant of the contents of the text or the picture
  • statement of the text or the picture must be explained in scientifical terms

viewpoint and rights of stands – text reading comprehension (12)

(proudly made by Elios Schastèl)

A stand states the viewpoints and relating thereto the rights that every human has from his birth on. In the following text stands, their viewpoints and rights are summarized.

A human can not lose his stand during his life. He can not rise a stand. The higher a stand is the stronger the rights of the lower stand become. Right violations are painful damages that are sensed more intensive than physical violations. Right violations takeplace innerly. They are not visible for the outside world. Right violations are not expressed by physical reactions that are visible for the outside world. Right violatons are only expressed by inner reactions of the soul.